Delivery of Files - Lake Charles Portrait and Landscape photographer Bart Leger

Flash drives. CDs. DVDs.

That’s the current industry standard method for delivering files. 

The problem is, I kind of hate using ’em.

I have to buy them. Copy the files to the drives or CDs. Then turn them over to you and hope for the best.

The worst part? Flash drives may be a pretty safe method of data storage, but they aren’t permanent.

I know we’ve been trained to think they are. If it’s on a flash drive, it’s going to last forever, right? But there are no guarantees. Even flash drives fail. And don’t forget the hazards of human error and the possibility of accidentally deleting the files or formatting the drive.

Don’t get me wrong. So I also kind of love ’em. Flash drives are super convenient. Most of the time.

Just not for photo delivery.

So what am I doing different? Two words: Online Delivery.

Your personal gallery of photos that you can view, share and download (high resolution versions). The images are displayed in a great looking interface. Here, don’t take my word for it:


Notice how uncluttered it is?

Just the photos.

Just you.

You and your amazing images.

From the time it’s published, your gallery will be maintained in their gallery. You can take your time to download your photos to a hard drive — or even your own flash drive. In fact, you can make as many copies as you’d like as backups, which is always a smart idea.

But it’s even better.

Say you want a real, tangible print. Let’s be honest, actual prints of photos are kind of magical. Your gallery will let you order prints of any image, with a variety of size and format options. Photo books and canvases are also available for purchase.

Disaster strikes? Lose your computer and all of the files? No problem. Your photos are still there in your gallery. There’s no limit to how often you can download your photos.

And there’s even an app so you can have your photos wherever you go. You can even share them to your favorite social media site right from the app.

Let’s see a flash drive do that!

(But if, after all this, you really prefer a physical drive to the online gallery, talk to me. We’ll work something out.)