FAQ - Lake Charles Portrait and Landscape photographer Bart Leger

What areas do you cover?

I'm based in Lake Charles, Louisiana. I primarily photograph portraits and landscapes in Calcasieu and Cameron Parishes. But I'm open. If you’re willing to pay my way, we can talk about that special destination.


Do you charge for travel?

I don’t generally charge for travel anywhere in Calcasieu or Cameron Parish. My general rule is that I only charge for gas if your event is more than an hour drive away.

For any driving distance more than an hour, the rates will be based upon current Standard Mileage Rates.


How do I book portrait photography sessions with you?

Simplest way is to fill out the form.* I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can (usually the same day).

What I’ll do when I reply is ask to set up a meeting with you. We’ll talk about your day and all that good stuff and then it’s as simple as reserving the date!

*If you’ve filled out a form and haven’t heard from me, PLEASE check your spam folder. Those filters are ruthless and sometimes flag legitimate messages. (Pro-tip: While not required, it’s helpful to include your phone number so I can follow up with you if I suspect my message may have been flagged as spam.)


What does “reserve the date” mean?

My services require a deposit to reserve the date for any photography sessions. This lets you “own” that day. The amount of the deposit is half of your session fee and it is due when we sign the contract.


How do we pay you?

Checks are generally the easiest, because they don’t cost me anything. I can accept Paypal or credit cards, but I prefer not to, as I’m charged fees. This may sound novel to some, but cash is also an option.


Do you have a physical studio?

I used to. But due to the expenses of operating a physical studio, coupled with providing quality portraiture at an affordable rate, I've made the decision to provide on-site services. If you're wanting indoor portraits, I can come to your location, or the location of your choice with my portable studio equipment.


Will I own the photographs you take?

Well, yes and no.

Those Federal Copyright laws are pretty clear in saying that Bart Leger owns all of the photos. However, you will receive high resolution digital files with almost every package. With those, you’re able to share those images on Facebook or wherever, and I also give you a “personal use” release.

I like to think that I’m pretty fair. This release will let you do virtually anything you want with the images, including getting them printed somewhere other than through me.

The only thing I require is that if you edit any images, you’ll need to mention that if you post it anywhere. See the next question…


So I can edit my own photographs the way I want and post them to Facebook?

Legally, I could tell you “NO!” But where’s the fun in that? Besides, once you have the digital files, I can’t really police what you do anyway.

So here’s the thing: if you want to mess around with your photos, I’m okay with that.

But — there’s always a but — here is the caveat, if you will: If you choose to make changes/edits to any of the images and post the images online, you must clearly state that you have created an alteration different from what I provided, and provide a link to the original.

Ok, so why do I require this? Well, even if you happen to be a Photoshop ninja and create some phenomenal edit that makes me insanely jealous, I don’t want to run the risk of your edits being misinterpreted as something my photography style offers.

Simple as that.


How long until we get our photos?

For portrait sessions (senior photos, engagement sessions, etc.), I try to have photos to you within 30 days.

Now… the reality is that it’s usually quicker than this. But here’s the thing: I’d rather tell you 90 days, get you your photos in 30 days, and have you think I’m a magician than I would tell you 30 days, wind up swamped and it really takes 45 and you’re upset with me.

Ultimately, the bottom line is that my goal is to get your photos to you as quickly as I possibly can. But delays happen, especially during my busiest times of the year.


When will we get our (insert product)?

If your package includes other products, such as coffee table book, you may wonder when you will receive it.

My first priority is always to deliver the photos as quickly as possible. I don’t begin working on any additional products until the photos are completed. And even then, I sometimes may not have time for album design until a slow down in my season. 

Another point to consider is that if changes are requested to your album during my busy season, it may not be possible to make your changes until I have a slow down.

When it comes to other products, such as prints, I can generally order those at any time and the delivery time is usually within a couple of weeks (depending on the lab’s schedule).


I’ve found a cheaper photographer, but I like your photos better. Can you negotiate your price?

Funny thing about other photographers is that I have no idea how they run their business. I don’t know how they work, or what their expenses are. So I don’t know why they price the way they do. To match what they do, I’d have to work like they do. Which kind of defeats the purpose of what I do.

What I can tell you is this: I’ve worked hard to create a pricing structure that I believe is fair and represents the high standard of quality I maintain for my work.

I’m trying to sustain a business, and my prices are priced accordingly.


What sort of equipment do you use?

The current lineup of gear includes a Canon 5D Mark III as the primary Digital SLR. This is a professional quality, 22 megapixel camera. The backup camera is a Canon 5D. These are paired with a number of professional quality lenses that would make any paparazzi photographer jealous. I also have a fully portable lighting set-up that I can bring to locations.