- Lake Charles Portrait and Landscape photographer Bart Leger

Scientists say time travel isn't possible. But when you're sitting in your grandmother's house, photo albums piled around you, you don't believe a word of it.

You don't remember the first days of your life. But there you are, in a photo. Small, pink, and trying to decide between giggling like mad or screaming your lungs out. And there's mom, looking more beautiful than you've ever seen her. You wonder what it would be like to be standing right there in that room.

And there are all of the other moments of your life...

  • Photos of you dressed for your first day of school
  • That first trip to the beach
  • Losing your first tooth
  • Learning to ride a bike or your first car

A photograph is a tangible window to a moment in time, an anchor for memories you never want to let go of. You would never want to look back and wonder why so few of your memories have been frozen in time for you to come back to any time you want to be reminded.

Let's Do Something About That!
Making memories should be fun. And so should capturing them. For so many of us, finding the right photographer, getting prettied up, showing up and smiling on cue can be a chore. We'd rather be doing anything but this.

I hope to change all that. My goal is to make capturing your family's memories as much fun as making all those other memories with the ones you love.

Senior Portraits
Engagement and Bridals

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